• Safety: above all else.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Seamless customer experience from parking to destination and back; beat or match travel time by car.
  • Connect people and the city using the river corridor to provide an instrumental means of unifying the transportation infrastructure network of bus, light rail, pedestrian, bicycle, and auto.
  • Operational Efficiency: Strategic equipment, timing, ramp access, partnerships with municipalities, and operational best practices. “Green” practices to ‘do no harm’ to the river. Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Public-Private Partnership: This would be a watershed public- private partnership that would benefit road users throughout the region and minimize the burden through partnership and start-up cost share.
  • Profitability: There have been models developed in the past that haven’t penciled out. We must prove there is demand and scale the operations for profitability.

Fundamental attributes of successful Mixed use Travel Profiles: (Credit: Rick Gustafson, Portland Streetcar)

Vision + Land use + Mobility/Transportation = Successful high density, mixed use living