Phases of Founding

2017 Exploratory: Research past start up attempts, maritime requirements, coalesce studies, built stakeholder support, proved viability of mission.       Delivered Concept Plan-No cost


2018 Coalition and Awareness Building (Public Sector, Private Sector, Pro Bono Services):

Route, vessel, built coalition of 450+ supporters and governance (board and Friends of Frog Ferry 501(c)(3)—       Delivered –No cost


2019 Create Operational Plan:  Conduct feasibility studies to inform Operational Plan (demand modeling, landside infrastructure, triple bottom line impact, case studies), project management, set up entity                                      Cost (Solicited from public and private sector) $650,000


2020:  Create Financial Plan: Map to prospective income sources (with staffing, fundraising, marketing and communications tools)            Cost (Solicited from public sector) $650,000


2020-21: Go or No Go: Public Agency (PBOT-if based on Portland Streetcar model) issues RFP for Ferry Operators  

2021: Grant application as Frog Ferry (competing against other operators). Boat spec’d and ordered, regulatory requirements. Landside infrastructure developed.

2022: Summer Service Start