Approach Principles

Approach Principles:

  • Put the customer experience and safety first
  • Stay focused. Avoid rabbit holes and scope creep.
  • Early engagement with potential partners
  • Create Stakeholder group;
  • Public Sector Municipalities
  • Private Sector Investors
  • Private Sector Property owners/managers
  • Transportation experts
  • Gather research and conduct focus groups and studies
  • Media Outreach
  • Lobbying
  • Engage Electeds
  • Must be unified, with some compromises made
  • We won’t “fix” the I-5 traffic problem, but will improve it
  • There will be competing issues and budgets: we must become a priority
  • One route to start; follow where there is demand and a civic will
  • Create and adopt operational plan, with recommended vessels that will work effectively on the Columbia and Willamette rivers while being clean and quiet to match expectations of the community.
  • Create a public-private partnership and financial plan that lever- ages early private-sector investment for vessels and allows time for public-sector entities to commit budget to subsidize the service. All municipal water taxi services researched around the world are sub- sidized. Base the start up on the Portland Streetcar public-private model.
  • Other Support Documents: Operations Plan, Stakeholders, Vessel competitive analysis, Financial Plan