Our mission is to create a safe and sustainable river-friendly public passenger ferry service to better connect people to their river and one another and help build community livability.


Reduce congestion

Enhance resiliency planning and safety

Provide equity and community livability

Contribute to cleaner air and water

Promote economic vitality

Read more in our Frog Ferry Service Overview.

Our Commitment

We will...
  • Operate with full transparency and in cooperation with local public agencies, key employers, and the public we serve
  • Put the customer experience and safety first
  • Stay focused, avoiding rabbit holes and scope creep
  • Gather research and conduct focus groups and studies
  • Engage elected officials
  • Be unified, with some compromises made
  • Seek to improve the I-5 traffic problem
  • Create and adopt an operational plan, with recommended vessels that will work effectively on the Columbia and Willamette rivers while being clean and quiet to match expectations of the community
  • Create a public-private partnership and financial plan that leverages early private sector investment for vessels and allows time for public-sector entities to commit budget to subsidize the service. All municipal water taxi services researched around the world are subsidized. Base the start up on the Portland Streetcar public-private model.