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Bringing a Passenger Ferry to Portland and Vancouver

Imagine living in a place that values the environment as much as the individual. A place where locals flock to the beach, mountains, waterways, and deserts to play. A place where rivers harbor the secrets of the Indigenous People who heralded the confluence of the two rivers as the perfect place to call home, raise families, establish trade centers, and enjoy a bountiful cornucopia of foods.

We live in that place, and are fortunate to call it home. Let’s use the waterway Mother Nature gave us as a natural highway to move about the region.

Let’s embrace our rivers.

Who We Are

Friends of Frog Ferry is a non-profit grassroots initiative to bring a world-class passenger ferry service to the Portland metro region. Our neighbors in Seattle, Vancouver B.C., San Francisco and multiple river cities around the world maximize the advantage of river transit, while Portland has barely scratched the opportunity. We have nine volunteer committees comprised of 200+ pro bono industry experts, a transit savvy board, and more than 2,000 stakeholders and supporters all working to create a win-win for the local municipalities, commuters, and downtown employees. To date we have provided more than $8 million in value at no taxpayer expense, and funds raised will help fund critical feasibility studies that are needed to leverage local and federal transit agency support.