Our work is fueled by passionate supporters, who have contributed more than $7 million in finances and pro bono time (legal counsel, printing, graphic design, PR, website development, project management, boat tours, social media, video production, accounting, project management, government affairs counseling, etc.)

Private Supporters to date ($2,000-$20,000+)


  • Murdock Charitable Trust
  • Zidell Family Foundation
  • Charlene Zidell
  • Travel Oregon
  • Jim Mark and Melvin Mark
  • Scott South, Stevens Water
  • OCF-Ken and Marylou Gunther
  • Northrup Corporation

Many Friends of Frog Ferry

  • Many Friends of Frog Ferry at $150+
  • (FFF baseball cap for contributions of $150+)

Public Agency

  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Statewide Transit Improvement Fund Grant
  • City of Portland, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Pro Bono

  • Sockeye
  • Miller Nash Graham and Dunn LLP
  • Horenstein Law Group
  • Coates Kokes
  • Cuprum Creative
  • Print Results
  • Sparkloft Media
  • Susan Bladholm Consulting
  • Waterleaf Architects
  • Convergence Architects
  • Summit Strategies
  • Kingfisher Writing
  • ECONorthwest
  • Maritime Consulting Partners
  • Captain Ann McIntyre
  • Captain Brett Bybee
  • Green Barn Events
  • Nina Byrd Consulting
  • Blue Meadow