Thorough Research, Planning & Studies

Since its inception in 2017, Friends of Frog Ferry has been committed to conducting thorough best practice research and feasibility studies to ensure the viability of a new ferry service in the Portland and Vancouver metro area. We are happy to answer any questions regarding these research documents.

1) There is high demand for a ferry service to OHSU from the St John’s and surrounding neighborhoods. 78% would be Extremely or Somewhat Interested in taking a ferry to OHSU.


2) A ferry service can help reduce the number of people commuting to OHSU in cars. 60% of respondents are currently driving by themselves to OHSU.


3) A ferry service could help greatly reduce commuting expenses. Fuel costs (#1) and parking (#2) are the top two commuting expenses.


4) People are willing to take the ferry rain or shine. Over 80% of respondents are likely to take the ferry in good or bad weather.