We have proposed a Passenger Ferry Pilot Project “Proof of Concept” to build awareness and to show that ferries are a valuable mode of transportation that are an enticing alternative to cars. We will assess public appeal, refine the design and user experience, and gather valuable real-time data to advance efficiencies and operational characteristics of the vessels. This plan proposes a public/private partnership structure.

2021-2025 Pilot Project as Proof-of-Concept:

  • One 70-passenger vessel that runs on a renewable diesel engine (R99 is 80% cleaner than traditional diesel). Our vision is to run a full-electrified fleet in the future.
  • 24-month operation: Starting in late 2023/early 2024.
  • Operation: Six days per week, 14 hours per day
  • Home port: TBD
  • Total cost – $9.7: Planning, Mobilization, and Operations.
  • Prospective funding sources: Farebox, Federal, State/Region, Private, Corporate, Foundation, etc.
  • Passenger ticket price (One-way) – $3; Honored passenger ticket price – $2
  • Ridership: OHSU, PSU, and the general public commuting from St. Johns and Cathedral Park neighborhoods to the south side of the Portland downtown core. We have the support of neighborhood associations, OHSU, and many leading organizations.
  • 1,000 passengers per day, displacing 600 automobiles; 200,000 passengers per year
  • Estimated CO2 from commuter vehicles displaced: 3,170 metric tons per year