Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Alice Myton, Financial Services Leader at Myton Consulting

At Friends of Frog Ferry, we are fortunate to have many volunteers dedicate their professional expertise and personal passions to bringing a passenger ferry service to our region. This month’s Volunteer Spotlight features Alice Myton, a seasoned CFO/Controller and CPA. Alice dedicates countless hours to managing our financial reporting, budgeting, and accounting, and always with an eagerness and willingness to help in support of the project.

Why were you drawn to Friends of Frog Ferry?

Well…it was a bit serendipitous. When leaving my previous employer, a co-worker asked if I wanted to help FFF. I said “Yes, of course”, not knowing a whole lot about the organization. Low and behold, Susan and I had worked together a couple years earlier at Erickson Inc. (a global helicopter company) …Portland is a small world. And, I immediately fell in love with the project/mission.


What role do you play on the team?

I keep track of the finances for FFF, which is simply a natural role for me given my expertise. I help Susan and the Board by putting together the budget and reporting out actual financial results.


What are some of your personal interests and passions?

Getting out and enjoying our natural world, I love doing that. When left to her own devices, Mother Nature has created some pretty spectacular stuff.


Do you have a favorite ferry experience (other than Frog Ferry)?

With a group of friends, we hired a van and driver and went wine tasting here in the Willamette Valley and created a route to incorporate the few ferries that exist. We have the Wheatland Ferry, Canby Ferry, and Buena Vista Ferry in the region. It was so neat to experience these ferries.


What are your hopes for the future of a ferry service in our region?

Most definitely that we have one! It is such a natural progression for Portland, the region, and the State, to establish a passenger ferry service to complement and enhance the existing public transportation system. Especially, the ferry system designed by Friends of Frog Ferry. Not only a wonderful experience, but a practical one as well!

Our Volunteers

Maritime Operations
Captain Brett Bybee, Columbia River Launch Service
Captain Anne McIntyre, Columbia & Willamette Pilot Assn
John Sainsbury, Maritime Consulting Partners
Andy Jansky, Flowing Solutions dock engineering-design
Michael Doctor, Lime Consulting
Dan Yates, Portland Spirit
Sorin Garber, SGA
Paul Brodeur, King County Ferry
Mike Bomar, Port of Vancouver
Willem Polak, former Potomac Riverboat
Willie Levenson, Human Access Project
Sean Whalen, City of Portland Harbormaster

Strategy/Public Affairs
Linda Weston, Rapporto
Ginny Lang, Government Affairs specialist
Shannon Carney, City of Portland
Michelle Giguere, Summit Strategies
Elisa Dozono
Nina Byrd, EXP Consulting
Andrew Hoan/Jon Isaac, PBA
Marcelino Alvarez, Fresh Agency
Issac Kort Meade, legal project management

Kevin Bross, High Tech Engineer, Chair
Captain Peter Wilcox, Decarb the Passage
Matt Markstaller, Daimler
Art Parker, Vigor
Ralph Duncan, BMT
Luke Whittemore, PGE
Abraham Mooney, transit engineer for public agency
ECONorthwest: Mike Wilkerson
Tara Obrien, Jacobs for environmental counsel

Public Agency Partners
Metro: Malu Wilkinson and Commission
City of Portland: PBOT Art Pearce, Mauricio LeClerc, Travel Portland
Parks, BES, BPS, Fire and Rescue, Prosper Portland, Emergency Management
TriMet: Tom Mills
C-Tran: Shawn Donaghy
ODOT: Marsha Hoskins, Karyn Criswell & Cooper Brown
City of Vancouver: Chad Eiken
Multnomah County: Sheriff, Engineering/Bridges

Scott South, Stevens Water
Jim Mark, Melvin Mark
Dan Bower, Portland Streetcar
Stephen Brooks, Community Partnership Fund
Laurie Harquail, Grants
Andre Petett, Aptly Focused
Nick Burnett, Wayfarer Studios

Community Affairs
James Paulson, Bikeshare & Worksystems, Chair
Sunrise PDX
Jennifer Vitello, Cathedral Park Neighborhood
Mike Vial, St. Johns Neighborhood
30+ Neighborhood leaders along the route
Anatta Blackmarr, Oak Grove
Alan Bates, transit leader
Ken Wilson, OMSI
Rich Fry, River Responsibility (clean up)
Rachel Launchbury, Lake Oswego coordination

Private Sector Providers
Phil Sollers, Kingfisher Writing
Ron Laster, Print Results
Doug Morris, Miller Nash Law
Maren Calvert, Horenstein Law
Denise Waldron, Viva Events
Emily Draper, Waterleaf Architects
Suhail Khan, Northrup Corporation
John Bladholm, Green Barn Events
John Horvick, DHM Research
Tim Ralston, MLR Ventures

Allison Tivnon, Beaverton City Council, Co-chair
Heather Barta, Cuprum Creative
Andy Fraser & Pete Metz, Sockeye
Martin Stoll & Ashlynn Lowes, Sparkloft Media
Thom Walters
Amy Snyder, Blue Meadow Marketing, Chair

Customer Experience
Heather Linn, Digital Touchpoints
Todd Kimball, ADA compliance
Bee Feuless, health care best practices
Brian Thompson, Bytemark ticket integration
Geoff Green, Sterling Wi-Fi Connectivity
Alex McPhee
TeriAnne Yamauchi
Dave Barcos