Statement from Frog Ferry’s Leadership on Ferry Status

September 6, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore.— Today we have come to a crossroads for Frog Ferry. This day would have been the deadline to submit our FTA grant for the funds that could have helped us to start our demonstration pilot project. This year, the federal government has made an unprecedented, nearly $300 million available for ferry systems nationwide as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. After five years, we do not have a public agency willing to step up and partner with us (which is required for most public funding requests), to work with us on the development of the docks, or to ensure our planning is integrated into earthquake resilience planning and regional project plans. This is all despite the fact that ferries are considered a best practice nationwide for river cities and the quality and rigor of our work has always received high praise. We are proud of all that we have accomplished over these past five years. We have built many relationships and have taken great strides toward putting a boat on the water to help improve the livability of our community and change transit patterns to help curb carbon emissions. We essentially have a solution ready to help address the climate and livability needs for our region we hear about every day – we would have been able to put a boat on the water within 18 months. But this is the bottom line: We can’t make a public-private ferry operation without a “public” agency being involved in a meaningful way. We will not be able to do so until our city leaders also make it a priority.

Susan Bladholm

Founder and President

James Paulson

Board Chair


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